Long-Term Care Options

Our CARE team is trained in the skill of caring for all levels of personal health and ability. Most importantly, we focus on building individual relationships and friendships in addition to caring for health needs.

We also extend our hand to loved ones who may be struggling with Alzheimer's, dementia and dialysis. For this specialized care, click HERE

G & J Personal Care offers all levels of assisted living home care including the following:

Three Levels of Long-Term Care

1. Directed care:
Skilled nursing care where all personal needs physically and otherwise are performed by the care giver including specialized medical support under the supervision of an RN.

2. Personal care:
Personalized assistance with grooming, eating, and mobility and some limited physical support.

3. Supervisory care:
Very low levels of personal assistance with daily grooming and mobility.

To learn more about how we can help you with your long-term care needs, please visit us today. Schedule your tour by calling 623-937-8844 or fill out our tour request form online, click HERE

Special Needs Require Special Training

We are also specially trained in caring for the unique needs of Alzheimer, Dementia and dialysis. Now you can trust the wellbeing of your loved one to a partner that truly understands the challenge and importance of long-term care.

Short-Term Care Options

1. Adult Day Care:
Whether you need to care one day a week or just whenever, we offer you a caring helping hand by enabling you to drop off your loved one with G & J Personal Care for the day while you attend to personal business or just have some time away. 4hr+ / day rate

Hourly Adult Day Care:
Let us give you the time you need to refresh yourself. Drop off your family member for a short period of time during the day time to attend to persona errands etc. 30min's - 4 hrs/hourly

Overnight Adult Care:
Caring for your loved one is a major responsibility and tends to require a lot of one or two persons. That is why we offer an overnight option where you can drop off your loved an evening of time to yourself.

Weekend Getaway Adult Care:
Make sure you stay connected with friends and family members. Take a weekend away and drop off your loved one or two nights or a similar combination. All pick up must be done by 11am. After 11am, we charge our daily care rate. Care options with trust and integrity. That is what you come to expect with G & J Personal Care.

Care options with trust and integrity. That is what you come to expect with G & J Personal Care.

Financing Care

We are certified and registered with the Arizona Long Term Care System, ALTCS, and accept residents on this program. Additionally, we provide family financing programs for private pay residents. Please inquire with our staff concerning these options when you request a tour. To do so now, click HERE